Books & Popular Culture

Almost all of them anyway

National Flag, The Principality of Liechtenstein. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Religion & Popular Culture

Where angels fear to deplane

Christ Cleansing the Temple. El Greco. ca. 1570. National Gallery of Art. Washington, DC.

Home Improvement & Maturity

Powers & Knowledge Far Beyond Younger Men

The Hudson House. Pine Bluff, AR. Home Sweet Home in a rare winter’s snow. 2014. Source Author.

Humor & Popular Culture

Sometimes it’s best if you lose your dinosaur

A dinosaur under assembly at the Clinton Presidential Library. Source: Author.

Criminal Justice & Popular Culture

Social power, tyranny and the limits of justice

“I hear that train a comin’. It’s rollin’ ‘round the bend…” There are few things more quintessentially Southern than the sound of a distant locomotive or a song by Arkansas native, Johhny Cash. Photo: Author. Taken at the Arkansas Railroad Museum in Pine Bluff.

Criminal Justice & Popular Culture

How popular culture caricatures Southern law enforcement

A Ray Walters postcard showing a hillbilly moonshiner. ca. 1940. Source: Author.

Science & Faith

No matter where you go, there you aren’t

Semenov Style Russian Nesting Dolls from My Wife Kat’s Collection. Photo: Author.

Humor & Popular Culture

Three Fish Tales for Non-Fishermen

Cypress knees emerge from a swamp.
Cypress Knees at Bayou Bartholomew. Pine Bluff, AR, USA. Photo: Author.

Music & Popular Culture

Finding the profound in fleeting moments

Guitar Strings. Photo: Author.

Cooking & Popular Culture

There’s nothing easy about pie

An apple pie with a pie bird. Photo & Pie: Author. 2013.

Dr. Matthew Pate

Criminal Justice Researcher. Career Narcotics Detective, Author. Mixed Media Artist. Habitual Line Stepper. Loves Dogs and Cats. Holds Doors. Wishes for Better.

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